For families

Surfing is a brilliant activity for all the family. We can teach you all or, if Mum and Dad don’t fancy getting their hair wet, we can teach the kids on their own. Why not book a kids’ birthday surf party for a change? Whatever you want to do, safety always comes first.

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DSC_6497Depending on your family’s ability, (click here to find out), we can book you into a lesson that’s right for all of you. To find out more about what you can expect from our lessons please see our beginnersimprover & advanced sections.

If you want to leave your kids with us we are more than happy to look after them. However, for children under 14, we require you to complete a Health & Safety form and stay within visual contact on the beach during their lesson. For children aged 14-17, you are simply required to complete a Health & Safety form prior to their lesson.


Using the best equipmentDSC_1231

We provide all our students with wetsuits & softboards free of charge. For students who have progressed we have a range of hard boards. Our wetsuits are replaced every season and are guaranteed to keep you warm whatever the weather.  We also require our students to wear high visibility rash vests so we can easily identify them in the water.


Lessons & prices
1 lesson Beach safety, equipment introduction, paddling technique, catching waves, how to stand, & board control.        £30
2 lessons As above plus: riding waves to the beach, acceleration/stalling techniques & pop up/stance refinement.  £54 (£27 each)
3 lessons As above plus: turning forehand & backhand, style development, surf awareness.  £81 (£27 each)
4 lessons As above plus: linking turns & technique enhancement. £108 (£27 each)
5 lessons As above plus: introduction to ‘out of depth’ waves, ‘S’ turn combinations & techniques for paddling out/getting through waves. £135 (£27 each)
6 lessons As above plus: riding green/unbroken waves, wave selection/timing & surf etiquette. £150 (£25 each)
8 lessons As above plus: turning on wave face (fore & back hand), position in line up, use of rip currents, use of hard board, sitting on board, angled take offs & wave selection/timing refinement. £200 (£25 each)

DSC_3707We run morning & afternoon sessions every day – including weekends. Each session cost £30 but the more you book the cheaper they become! Two sessions costs £54and three cost £81. For kids’ parties we can offer a discount for groups of 8 plus. Of course you can book as many as you like, but one lesson will teach you the basics. After that it’s up to you to decide how far you want to go!

Safety first

Whatever level you surf at, safety always comes first. You will be asked to fill in a Health & Safety form for you & your children to let us know about any conditions or anxieties so we can teach you accordingly.

Our maximum class sizes are one coach to eight students. This is the best ratio to ensure safety at all times, your maximum enjoyment and learning opportunity.

If your family are beginners or improvers we will teach you in waist to chest deep water using soft boards. Once you have progressed to a suitable level (and you feel ready) we will take you out of your depth.IMG_4233

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All you have to do to make an enquiry or tell us you wish to book lessons is click here.

But before you do, please make sure you know which type of lesson you need and when you would like to come.

How’s your surfing? If you don’t know whether or not you are a beginner, improver, intermediate or advanced surfer click here.